Moodle Upgrade - Monday December 14

Moodle Upgrade - Monday December 14

by Nick Plank -
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What's happening?

Our Moodle instance will be upgraded to the latest supported version of Moodle.  Moodle will be unusable and inaccessible during the upgrade procedure.

When is the upgrade occurring?

6 AM - Noon, Monday, December 14th

Why is this happening?

Upgrading helps us maintain security compliance, and introduces a few useful features for both students and faculty.

Particularly for faculty, this upgrade offers notable improvements for adding activities and resources to your courses.

The "Turn editing on" button lives on your course's homepage, instead of being hidden in the course settings menu.

Turn editing on

The activity chooser also offers some visual improvements, and the ability to add activity types to a list of favorites.

Activity Chooser

Thank you!