Moodle Authentication Change - Single Sign On

Moodle Authentication Change - Single Sign On

by Nick Plank -
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Hello All, 

We're changing how authentication into Moodle occurs.  In the past, you would click "Log in" in the upper right corner of the page, and would be brought to a page where you would click "SNC Google Login".

After 5 PM central today, when you click on "Log in", your browser will open a new tab to our Single Sign On provider.
You'll see a "User Name" and "Password" field.
In the "User Name" field, you'll enter your 6 letter user id, like "userna" or "plannc".
You'll enter your SNC password into the "Password" field. 

SNC Single Sign On

Once you're signed in, you will also be signed into other applications that are authenticated by Single Sign On, like KnightLine and Zoom.  This means that if you navigate to Zoom's Website or KnightLine, you won't need to sign into those applications for a few hours.